young Adult(ish)

 I just started reading Ms. Marvel by G. Willow. Wilson and Adrian Alphona. What I really love about it is how bright and fun it is. The main character really acts and sounds like a young teenager. Just her describing what it's like to wear a costume and it's not as great as she thought it would be is really entertaining. It reminds me of reading a really good young adult novel. I would love to see a lot more books in this tone. Which I feel like Nova has this feel also pretty well. A lot like the older DC Young Justice book with Todd Nauck. These feel like young adults, they aren't super gritty. Not to say they don't have moments of fear or anger but I think the best of these type of books always come back to the characters brighter outlook and ability to joke and mess up. Ultimate Spider-Man by Bendis is also great at this. I really hope the Comic community of creators and readers go a little more in this direction, The new Batgirl starting in issue 35 with Cameron Stewart and Babs Tarr and Gothom Academy by Becky Cloonan (Who I love) and Karl Kerschl also are doing an awesome job at giving us fun comics to read. Anyways now I am just rambling and I don't reread these blogs so It sounds like a mess I'm sure. 

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