Comics Coast to Coast!!!

I did one of the most exciting things ever this week. I was privileged to be the featured creator on the fantastic podcast Comics Coast to Coast from the Frogpants network who provide some other amazing shows like The Instance, The Morning Stream and Film sack just to name a few. It was a blast talking with Brian, Matt and Joel about Seaclops, the future of the comic and my feelings about the side characters. Also we talked about comics in general and movies, video games and much more. So if you want to learn more about me or Seaclops straight from the horses mouth, Then please listen to Comics Coast to Coast episode 218. It should be up Monday, October 27th. You can get the Podcast from iTunes or whatever your favorite Podcast app is. Also you can listen to the episode when it goes up on their website at or Also go listen to their interview with Justice League 3000's artist the amazing Howard Porter. Im am so excited about what's in the future for Seaclops and I hope you are on board for the ride too! Again, let me hear from you via Twitter or Facebook or Instagram or leave a comment here! I try to respond to everyone. So go listen to the podcast and i'll talk at'cha soon!