Getting Close to the big 3 Oh!....almost

So this week is the release of Seaclops Chapter 28. I never thought I would get past like 4 pages. When I was younger and drawing comics in my sketchbook I would have these grand ideas. I would write the next huge series in my wal-mart sketch book and somehow people were going to see it. But by page 2 or 3 I was done and I would draw Aquaman on the next page thus ending the next great Graphic novel of the time with only 2 pages. Now Working on Seaclops I find I don't have that problem. Seaclops is a very versatile character and lends himself to the kind of stories I enjoy. I don't know If I finally found an idea that worked or just maturity kicked in but Im glad Im almost at 30 and my brain is pouring out with story ideas and characters. So I guess 30 isn't a huge landmark when I have so many more stories to tell.

All The Best

-Andy Duggan