Working my fingers to the (Cold) Bone.


So Im working really hard to get ahead of the game. I am going to Disney world soon and I want to make sure I have the comic that week done way ahead of time! But that's a long car ride so I am planning on writing one of the biggest stories in Seaclops comics. It is a story I have been tossing around in my head from the very beginning. It will have a whole new cast (besides Seaclops) and really amp up the action, Thats all I will say for now! 

So Halloween is coming up soon! If anyone wants to make a Seaclops costume I will send you some original art. Like art that has been inked and is from the actual series! Just email me a pic or post it to twitter and tag me in it! Hope I see some!

Also Just read Scott Snyder's Wytches. Super good! I love the tone of this book, very creepy and Jock's art is as always amazing! Go pick it up at your LCS! 

Until next time!

-Andy Duggan